Groep van Ijzendoorn

Our ambition is to understand the molecular mechanisms that control the intracellular dynamics of proteins, lipids and membranes in the context of the functional organization of cells, and to understand how these mechanisms contribute to health or, when disrupted, to human disease.

In this context our focus is also on rare congenital disorders caused by disrupted intracellular protein dynamics and cellular organization, which includes elucidating their pathogenesis, development of patient-specific iPSC-based cell models and lead identification for novel therapeutic strategies.

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  • Sven van IJzendoorn Prof. dr. Visit

    Professor, Projectleider

    Research fields

    Celbiologie, intracellulair eiwittransport, cellulaire organisatie

  • Postdocs:
    Lucja Jarosz, 2012-2014
    Sukhdeep Galsinh, 2013
    Nai-Hua Hsiao, 2009-2011
    Matsushita Masafumi Matsushita, 2010
    Chris Mee, 2010
    Ryuichi Ohgaki, 2009
    Kati Juuti-Uusitalo, 2009-2010
    Chris Mee, 2008
    Kousei Ito, 2008
    Tounsia Ait-Slimane, 2004
    Tetsuo Nakayima, 2004

    PhD students:
    Leon Klunder, 2012-2016
    Herschel Dhekne, 2010-2014
    Christiaan Slim, 2010-2014
    Magdalena Golachowska, 2007-2011
    Kacper Wojtal, 2003-2007
    Delphine Théard, 2002-2006
    Joke van der Wouden, 2000-2004

  • 2023


    Breaking Barriers: delivery of a novel therapeutic drug to promote remyelination in multiple sclerosis

    van Schaik, P., 2023, [Groningen]: University of Groningen. 275 p.


    Genotypes and phenotypes in rare congenital diarrheal diseases: focus on microvillus inclusion disease and MEDNIK syndrome

    Sun, Y., 2023, [Groningen]: University of Groningen. 142 p.


    MYO5B in health and disease

    Li, Q., 2023, [Groningen]: University of Groningen. 169 p.


    Putting the second brain first: on gut microbiota and a gastrointestinal origin in Parkinson’s disease

    Boertien, J., 2023, [Groningen]: University of Groningen. 177 p.



    G23 peptide-mediated delivery of biodegradable nanocarriers across an in vitro blood-brain barrier model

    de Jong, E., 2020, [Groningen]: University of Groningen. 116 p.


    Polarized protein trafficking and disease: Towards understanding the traffic jams in microvillus inclusion- and Wilson disease

    Overeem, A. W., 2020, [Groningen]: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. 225 p.


    The roles of MYO5B in epithelial cells and the intestine: A focus on microvillus inclusion disease

    Leng, C., 2020, [Groningen]: University of Groningen. 224 p.


    van de Peppel, I. P. (2019). Intestinal bile acid reabsorption in health and disease. [Groningen]: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

    Cong, Y-Y. (2019). Molecular insights into viral respiratory infections. [Groningen]: University of Groningen.

    Wijers, M. (2019). Sorting out cholesterol metabolism: novel insights into the mechanism of endosomal trafficking of lipoprotein receptors. [Groningen]: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.



    Unraveling VPS13A pathways: from Drosophila to human

    Pinto, F., 2018, [Groningen]: University of Groningen. 153 p.

    Rodrigues de Abreu, S. (2018). New insights into autophagy regulation using yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. [Groningen]: University of Groningen.


    Kirschbaum, M. (2017). Molecular mechanisms of platelet-mediated liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy [Groningen]: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen



    Effects of lifestyle and environmental factors on intestinal epithelial cell morphogenesis

    Klunder, L. J., 2016, [Groningen]: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. 204 p.

    Hoornweg, T. E. (2016). Breaking barriers: Early events in chikungunya and dengue virus infections [Groningen]: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

    Poppinga, W. J. (2016). Compartmentalized signaling in the lung: A-kinase anchoring proteins as novel drug targets for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease[Groningen]: University of Groningen

    Fedoseienko, A. (2016). Identification of a novel multiprotein complex in cargo sorting that preserves metabolic pathways in the liver [Groningen]: University of Groningen


    Pathogenic mechanisms in microvillus inclusion disease

    Dhekne, H. S., 2014, Groningen: s.n.. 144 p.


    The polarized architecture of hepatocytes: Regulation by intrinsic and extrinsic factors

    Slim, C., 2014, [S.l.]: [S.n.]. 153 p.



    Microvillus Inclusion Disease. Lessons about the apical plasma membrane.

    Golachowska, M. R., 2011, Groningen: s.n.. 214 p.



    IJzendoorn, S. C. D. V. (1999). Transport and sorting of sphingolipids in polarized cells: the involvement of the sub-apical compartment


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