Wendy Oost Msc.

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  • Position: PhD student

    On-going projects:

    Title: Investigating cell surface proteins and ultrastructure in Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and reconstruction of distinct MS lesions in a human 3D model.
    Project: The absence or presence of specific cell surface proteins in different MS lesions stages might be important for successful remyelination. Cell surface proteins have an essential role in cellular communication and interaction, and changes in their expression might cause dysfunction of these cellular processes. However, the expression of cell surface proteins in MS and the involvement in remyelination failure is largely unknown.

    Moreover, very limited quantitative information on the ultrastructural level of MS lesions stages is available. Large scale scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) analysis of complete MS lesions will provide more quantitative information in an unbiased manner on cellular content and interactions.

    Lastly, conventional animal models of MS lack different aspects of MS pathology. Hence, there is an urgent need for human in vitro models that recapitulate MS lesions to study MS pathology.

    Therefore, the aims of my research project are to (1) elucidate the cell surface signature of axons and glia and its functional relevance in distinct MS lesion stages, (2) identify distinct intracellular and extracellular structures in a quantitative manner (STEM) and (3) develop and apply 3D MS lesion models with CNS cells generated from MS patient-derived iPS cells that recapitulate the signature of MS lesion stages.

    Grant supplier: MS Center Noord Nederland (MSCNN) & MoveS

    1st promotor:  Prof. dr. W. Baron
    2nd promotor: Prof. dr. B. J. L. Eggen
    Co-promotor: Dr. S. M. Kooistra

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