Marissa L. Dubbelaar Bsc.

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  • Position: PhD student (bio-informatics)

    Research group: Promotor: Erik Boddeke and co-promoter: Bart Eggen.

    Roles: Creating transcriptomic and epigenetics preprocessing pipelines and performing the bio-informatic analyses.


    On-going projects:

    1. BRAin Interactive Sequencing Analysis Tool (BRAIN-SAT); facilitating interactive transcriptome analyses (
      The increase of big data enables more innovative research methods to address biological questions. BRAIN-SAT is an interactive platform that enables access to high-quality bulk and single cell RNA-Seq data. This tool enables complex transcriptomic analyses in the scientific community.
    2.  Microglia meta-analysis: A comparative approach to profile the microglial transcriptome of multiple organisms.
      A range of animal models are used in scientific research to approximate human physiological- and pathological processes. Gene expression profiling studies of microglia isolated from different species showed that these cells express similar genes and have comparable, conserved functions. This meta-analysis will take a closer look in the overlap of the human data with the species that are used most commonly as animal models to imitate the human transcriptomic profile.
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