Emile d’Angremont

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  • Position: PhD student

    I am a technical physician, which means that I try to bridge the gap between modern technologies and daily clinical practice. With my research as a PhD-student, I try to find out if we can predict how Parkinson’s disease patients with cognitive decline or visual hallucinations respond to treatment with cholinesterase inhibitors. I use both PET (FEOBV) and TMS (short-latency afferent inhibition) for this. I hope that this will not only provide us with a useful biomarker for treatment with this type of medicine but also will result in a better understanding of the deficits of the cholinergic system in PD patients.

    (Co)Promotors: prof. dr. Sommer, prof. dr. Van Laar, dr. Zijdewind and prof. dr. De Vries.

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