Several awards for Neuroscience employees.

02 June 2016

Last week three members of the Department of Neuroscience were rewarded with prizes.

The Dutch Society for Neuropsychology (NVN) presents every two years the NVN Early Career Award to a scientist who has made a significant contribution to neuropsychology and has received his/her PhD more than six years ago,
From a group of six nominees principal investigator Marie-José van Tol was unanimously chosen as the winner in 2016. She was praised for her outstanding scientific achievements in the field of depression, amongst other through the use of innovative neuro-imaging techniques, which resulted in 50 publications in the past five years. She also received several grants for her research including a VENI of the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research and a fellowship from the Dutch Brain Foundation.

During a, by the Medical Students Faculty Association Panacea annually organized election principal educator and researcher Rob Bakels received the title Teacher of the Year 2015-2016. A title he also received in 2011. From 2011 to 2015 he was elected by the Saudi Students Organization as the best English speaking teacher.
During the same Teacher of the Year ceremony lecturer Hiske van Duinen received an award in the category “one day wonder”. A category for teachers who do not lecture fulltime at the Medical faculty.

We are really proud that they are member of the Department of Neuroscience and congratulate them with their achievements

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