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Section Anatomy & Medical Physiology gives education about the construction of the human body. She does this from different perspectives: from the prenatal development of the Body (embryology), from clinical problems with a clearly identifiable anatomical substrate (radiological and surgical anatomy) and from the function organs and organ systems (functional anatomy). The section also manages the Groninger body donation program and the dissection rooms Anatomy, a complex of 1 large and 2 smaller dissection rooms. Here the student is offered a unique learning environment where it can study using human anatomical demonstration preparations or physical surpluses. The Section also makes physical surpluses available to the Wenckebach Skills Center for surgical skill education

[[The facility

Dissection Rooms are located in the basement of the Medical Faculty and cover an area of approx. 1000 square meters in which three dissection rooms (1 large and 2 smaller) and a conference room are housed. There are three methods of body preservation (Fresh Frozen, fix embalming, Thiel embalming) each has its own ideal scope and purpose. The facility has access to hundreds of high-quality anatomical specimens and models, covering together the entire body, literally from head to toe.



All activities at the site of the Dissection Rooms must be requested through the application form. The applicant must be in possession of a completed bachelor’s degree in medical, biomedical or paramedical training. Applications are assessed by a review board.



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