Medical Physiology Lab

The Medical Physiology Lab is used to teach the basic concepts of physiology to 700-1000 students per year of medicine, human movement sciences, dentistry, pharmacy, biomedical sciences and the University College Groningen. Via experiential learning, these students master the concepts in respiratory physiology, cardiovascular physiology, exercise physiology and neurophysiology: the students experience the tests themselves and they perform those tests on fellow students, and learn to interpret the results. For medical students, this is also their first experience in physical examination and additional measurements, such as electrocardiography, blood pressure measurements, and lung function tests.

In 2020, we received a financial investment from the UMCG to update, upgrade, and increase the numbers of our equipment, to be able to match the practice in the clinic, to deal with larger numbers of students per practical, and to be able to offer high-end courses in physiology for medical residents and specialists. The first investments were used to update (and upgrade) one of the set-ups of exercise physiology, to renew the set-up for continuous blood pressure measurements, and to replace the stethoscopes for the cardiovascular function tests.

People involved:

Janniko R. Georgiadis – Head of the facility
Ruby Otter-Drost – Manager of the facility
Annelies van der Molen – Coordinator of the facility


Department of Biomedical Sciences of Cells and Systems

University Medical Center Groningen

Antonius Deusinglaan, 1

Section Anatomy and Medical Physiology

Internal Zipcode FB42

9700 AD Groningen

The Netherlands



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