Postdoctorale onderzoekers

Alban Voppel Dr.

Position Postdoctoral researcher, PRAAT study
Research fields Natural language processing, computational linguistics, psychosis, machine learning
  • Research Profile
  • Experience:

    During my research career, my focus has been applying quantitative speech analysis in psychiatry. This intersection of natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (AI) to investigate and help treatment of serious psychiatric disorders combines fundamental scientific inquiry with the goal of improving clinical practice in psychiatry. A personal interest in rigorous data analysis combined with impact in clinical care is what drives me; this choice is built on a background in philosophy of science (MA, 2016) and cognitive sciences (R. MSc, 2017, cum laude). During my philosophy of science-focused education, I became convinced of the utility of combining fundamental scientific research regarding a complex human capacity – in this case computational linguistic research – with making an impact in people’s lives, by applying these methods to improve psychiatric care. The overarching goal is to use computational linguistics in order to develop a marker for psychosis.


    Ongoing Projects

    • Coordination of ongoing speech collection in psychiatry
    • member of central study team HAMLETT trial (
    • member of the international DISCOURSE in psychosis consortium




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