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Rozemarijn van Kleef MSc

Position PhD student
Research fields
  • Research Profile
  • Title: The neurocognitive working mechanisms of the prevention of relapse in depression (NEWPRIDE)

    Description: In the NEWPRIDE study we investigate which neurocognitive mechanisms are playing a role in the heightened risk for relapse in people who have suffered from multiple depressive episodes. We make use of fMRI scans, pupillometry, neuropsychological and clinical testing. We study how preventive cognitive therapy works by looking at changes in these measures, before and after following eight sessions of preventive cognitive therapy (versus control group). We are particularly interested in the way frontal regulatory brain activity (for example emotion regulation) might relate to the vulnerability for relapse and therapy success. In addition, we investigate which neurocognitive mechanisms will predict relapse over an 18-month follow-up.

    Funding: The project is funded by the NWO and the Dutch Brain Association (Hersenstichting).

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