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Roeland Prak BSc

Position PhD student
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  • Title: Fatigue and Neuromuscular Performance

    Fatigue is a disabling symptom in many diseases, and may markedly reduce the quality of life by impairing physical, cognitive, and social functioning. The mechanisms underlying fatigue remain poorly understood. Fatigue should be distinguished from fatigability; fatigability indicates how fast a specific level of fatigue is achieved. Current taxonomies identify two types of fatigability: perceived fatigability relates to a psychological state and physiological capacity of the individual to maintain homeostasis and performance fatigability relates to impaired task performance that results from fatigue. In this project both types of fatigability are studied in different patients groups (mild traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, Sjögren’s syndrome) with the aim to further our understanding of fatigue.

    Grant: Junior Scientific Masterclass

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