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UMCG Microscopy and Imaging Center, 6th floor buiding 3215, phone 3632773

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Costs – We charge for the use of chemicals and processing equipment, and for the use of the microscopes to ensure proper maintenance. Invoices are sent each quarter. A detailed list of costs is available upon requests.

Results and credits – All publications will be emailed to Greetje Noppert ( An annual progress report will be given. Depending on microscopes used, acknowledgements must be as follows:

 “Part of the work has been performed in the UMCG Microscopy and Imaging Center (UMIC), sponsored by …

Zeiss Supra55 ATLAS          ZonMW grant 91111.006

Zeiss LSM7/780 confocal   NWO 175-010-2009-023

CLEM/ Cryo-EM/SECOM    STW “Microscopy Valley 12718

Leica HPF/ FS                      NWOxxxx

TissueFAXS                         NWO 40-00506-98-9021”


Data – Raw data (large-scale EM) will be available open access after the first publication of a project

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