How to make reservations for our equipment?

Before you can work independently on any of the microscopes, you have to follow an individual training. Please contact the manager for an appointment. The training will be provided by assigned instructors. Training by other parties does not count !! After training and registration, the manager will provide you access to the facilities and  to the reservation system (Booked Scheduler). Every microscope needs a separate training.

It is not permitted to use equipment without booking.

From Tuesday March 1, 2016 you have to book all equipment on line in Bookedscheduler. To use this new booking system you have to create a personal account simply by clicking the “create an account” link in the front page of Bookedscheduler.

You have to fill in a little form, your e-mail, first- and last name are obligatory, your phone number can be useful, other people can call you when equipment is available for instance.
When this form is submitted you will have immediate access to the agenda but no resources will be available for you at that moment. The administrator will authorize you for the resources you need as soon as possible, normally this will take one working day.
Be aware of the fact your time slots will be used for fee calculations, please change slots according the time you actually used the equipment. This can be done as long the time slot is not expired. Only the administrators (Jeroen or Klaas) can change expired slots.

[[Some rules for using the booking system

Reservations can be made up till two weeks ahead and no more that four hours a day  Exceptions are reservations made for educational purposes or guests. Weekends, evening hours and holidays can also be reserved by experienced users for longer periods. Other special circumstances for reservations further ahead in time, such as the use of patient-material, have to be discussed with the manager. The Solamere and the SP2 do not have any restrictions on booking.

If reservations need to be cancelled due to e.g. illness or failed experiments, you have to undo your reservation in the booking system. If possible notify the next user. This can be done easily by clicking on the name of a reservation, an extra window will appear showing you the e-mail address  No-shows may be charged the hourly fee! Half hour or more to late, the instrument can be assigned by the manager to an other user.


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