Article published in Cell reports by Barazzuol/Coppes/Eggen/Holtman/Kooistra groups

19 February 2024
Radiotherapy induces persistent innate immune reprogramming of microglia into a primed state.

Voshart DC, Oshima T, Jiang Y, van der Linden GP, Ainslie AP, Reali Nazario L, van Buuren-Broek F, Scholma AC, van Weering HRJ, Brouwer N, Sewdihal J, Brouwer U, Coppes RP, Holtman IR, Eggen BJL, Kooistra SM, Barazzuol L.

Cell Rep. 2024 Feb 14;43(2):113764. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2024.113764.

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