New program grant for MS Center Noord Nederland

02 February 2024

MS Center Noord Nederland (MSCNN) receives 800.000 euro to continue their research on multiple sclerosis (MS). The focus of MSCNN’s research is on myelin in the broadest sense. In the demyelinating disease MS, myelin sheaths surrounding nerve fibers become damaged, resulting in  characteristic MS-symptoms and ultimately to a gradual neurological decline.

The 4-year research program, titled “Deciphering white matter MS lesions evolution?” aims to decipher the role of specific brain cells in myelin damage and repair. An international audit committee, with input from an expert panel, assessed the research proposal as excellent and cutting edge.

We thank Stichting MS Research and their donors for this structural grant to our MS center and we aim to reaffirm once again: ‘Er gaat niks boven het myeline onderzoek in Groningen’.

Photographer Ahmad Alsahaf

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