MS Centrum Noord Nederland receives €576.805

30 October 2023

Sunday October 29, on National MS day in Den Bosch, the MS Centrum Noord Nederland received a cheque of 576.805 euro from the Nationaal MS Fonds. The fundamental research project entitled ‘Astrocytes as new therapeutic targets for MS’ was recognized for its innovative and explorative nature and a step forward to a solution for multiple sclerosis.

In the Netherlands, approximately 25,000 people live with MS, which means 1:700 have this devastating disease. Therefore, scientific research is essential and holds promise of unveiling novel therapeutic treatments.

The research conducted at MSCNN is aimed at regenerating myelin, the protective insulating layer surrounding nerves, which is damaged in people with MS. Regeneration of myelin will alleviate symptoms, potentially halting disease progression, and therefore improving the quality of life for people with MS.

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