Funding received for BCN Neuroanatomy Trainer (interdisciplinary project)

08 May 2023

An interdisciplinary team consisting of Marie-José van Tol (CNC/BSCS), Janniko Georgiadis (Anatomy/BSCS), Jean-Christophe Billiter (GELIFES), Jocelien Olivier (GELIFES), and Hedderik van Rijn (Cognitieve psychologie/BSS) received seed funding (6000 euro) to develop and pilot a Brain Anatomy learning tool to foster learning of brain anatomy of multiple species (human/rodents/drosophilae). The team will use the learning algorithm of SlimStampen that optimizes individual learning of facts based on individual learning performance. With the tool, the team hopes to aid students, PhD-candidates, and researchers of the BCN research school, as well as students from different medical, biological and psychological programs to better memorize and understand brain anatomy.

More information on RUG incentive fund for interdisciplinary project grants


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