Susanne Kooistra and Inge Holtman (and Marina Lima Trombetta) received grants from Alzheimer Nederland (150 K)

28 November 2022

Alzheimer Nederland enables 18 new important studies to better understand the diseases that cause dementia and to improve the diagnosis of the diseases. Drug research has yielded a great deal of knowledge in recent decades, but unfortunately no new treatment for people with dementia has yet been found. Funding this fundamental research is essential for future medicines.

  • Inge R. Holtman (UMC Groningen): Aged brain organoids to study the role of microglia in pathogenesis of AD
  • Susanne Kooistra (UMC Groningen): The epigenetic landscape of cellular subtypes in AD (Changes in different types of microglial cells in Alzheimer’s disease)

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