Rianne Gorter recieves Gemmy & Mibeth Tichelaar Prize

28 November 2022

During a Teams-workmeeting of our BSCS colleague Rianne Gorter and her supervisors, Kirstin Heutinck (Interim-director of the MS Research Foundation) and board members of the Gemmy & Mibeth Tichelaar Foundation* made an unannounced appearance. Mr. Joop Tichelaar suprised Rianne with this biennial grant for talented young MS researchers. At the moment Rianne works as a semi-doctor at the Neurology department of the UMCG and combines this with MS research at the BSCS. With this prize of 60.000 euro, Rianne is planning to visit the lab of V. Wee Yong in Calgary, Canada.

*The Gemmy & Mibeth Tichelaar Prize was founded in 2015 in memory of mother and daughter Gemmy and Mibeth. The foundation supports MS research, especially fundamental research focusing on the cause and treatment of this illness.

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