Marie-José van Tol chair of De Jonge Akademie (April 2022)

06 December 2021

New board members for The Young Academy

As of April 2022, Marie-José van Tol will start as chair of De Jonge Academie. Thijs Bol will be the new vice-chairman and Hilde Verbeek will work as a general board member with portfolio content and interdisciplinarity.

They are elected by the members and will perform these functions for two years.

Marie-José van Tol is assistant professor of neuroscience at the University Medical Center Groningen. She investigates the role of the brain and cognition in the development and persistence of psychological disorders, such as depression and anxiety, and specific symptoms such as suicidality.

Furthermore, Van Tol is committed to involving a wider public in science. For example, under the name Marvelous Mind, she and her research institute organize film evenings about neuroscience in the Groninger Forum and she is involved in organizing the Brain Olympiad for secondary school students. Van Tol chairs the internationalization trajectory of De Jonge Akademie and is involved in the politics & science working group. She is also on the board of the Young Academies Science Advice Structure (YASAS).

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