Remyelination research of MS Center Noord Nederland rewarded with two grants

30 November 2021

Jody de Jong and Marion Wijering received a personal grant for their research regarding remyelination in multiple sclerosis. The grants were made possible by Fund Girn, a fund managed by the King Baudouin Foundation and will be monitored by the Dutch MS Research Foundation.
Jody examines the extracellular matrix in MS lesions and how this matrix influences the behavior of glial cells. Her goal is to find answers how signals from the extracellular matrix hamper remyelination in MS and whether this can be reversed.
Marion makes use of the innovative technique, so-called ‘spatial transcriptomics’. With this approach, she studies which genes are differentially expressed during de- and remyelination and where in the tissue these changes take place. This will provide more information on which changes in genes contribute to remyelination.

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