UMCG’s “Open Access Publication of the Week” by Vivian Ogundipe et al. (Coppes group)

01 July 2021

Every week one of the UMCG Research Institutes selects an UMCG Open Access Publication of the Week.

The UMCG (and the Central Medical Library) will communicate about the selected publication on social media (inter/intranet, but also outside the UMCG through Twitter and Facebook). All forms of open access are eligible (gold, hybrid, and green). The goal of the “Open Access Publication of the Week” project is to give special attention and exposure to open access publications and increase awareness of open access opportunities among the UMCG researchers.

This week’s selection:

Vivian M.L. Ogundipe, Andries H. Groen, Nynke Hosper, Peter W.K. Nagle, Julia Hess, Hette Faber, Anne L. Jellema, Mirjam Baanstra, Thera P. Links, Kristian Unger, John T.M. Plukker, Rob P. Coppes
Generation and Differentiation of Adult Tissue-Derived Human Thyroid Organoids
Stem Cell Reports, April 2021!


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