Published in Frontiers of Aging Neuroscience by Lara Barazzuol group

12 November 2020

Differential Profile of Systemic Extracellular Vesicles From Sporadic and Familial Alzheimer’s Disease Leads to Neuroglial and Endothelial Cell Degeneration

Juan Villar-Vesga, Julián Henao-Restrepo, Daniëlle C. Voshart, David Aguillon, Andrés Villegas, Diana Castaño, Julián D. Arias-Londoño, Inge S. Zuhorn, Laís Ribovski, Lara Barazzuol, Gloria P. Cardona-Gómez and Rafael Posada-Duque

Front. Aging Neurosci., 11 November 2020 | Pdf

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