Rosalind Franklin Fellowship awarded to Inge R. Holtman

07 September 2020

Dr. Inge R. Holtman recently acquired a Rosalind Franklin fellowship to start her own research line in the Molecular Neurobiology section of the Department of Biomedical Sciences of Cells and Systems at the University Medical Center Groningen. The University of Groningen initiated the prestigious Rosalind Franklin Fellowship program for the advancement of ambitious researchers at the institution’s highest academic levels. This fellowship will enable Dr. Holtman to establish her own research and includes a 4-year PhD position and 120.000 Euro of research bench fee.

Dr. Inge R. Holtman is a computational biologist and will focus on the effect of natural genetic variation on susceptibility to brain diseases. In collaboration with the Netherlands Brain Bank she established the Netherlands Neurogenomics Database (NND). The aim of this project is to integrate the extensive clinical and neuropathological data of the NHB, with a multi-omics map, in order to study the effects of genetic variation on brain disease using state-of-the-art computational and machine learning approaches.

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