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    TitileTranslational readthrough-inducing drugs for Mivrovillus Inclusion Disease with nonsense mutation

    Mutations of MYO5B gene might cause serious Microvillus Inclusion disease(MVID). Patients would suffer malabsorption and life-threatening watery diarrhea soon after birth, and life expectancy is around 4.5 years. Translation Readthrough drugs (TRIDs) may put new life into MVID patients with nonsense mutations. My research focuses on the effects of TRIDs on MVID.

    TitileProtein quality control on Myosin Vb

    MYO5B belongs to unconventional myosins family and involved in actin-dependent recycling endosome trafficking. Proteasome inhibition of myosinVb-expressing cells changes the distribution of rab11a and transferrin receptor. In addition, mutations in Unc-45 Myosin Chaperone A(UNC45A) could cause a syndrome associating cholestasis, diarrhea, impaired hearing, and bone fragility, which is quite similar with MVID. My research could shed light on a new mechanism for MVID.


    Research group:

    Promotor: Prof. dr. S.C.D. (Sven) van Ijzendoorn
    2nd supervisor: Prof. dr. P.L. (Peter) Horvatovich
    3rd supervisor: Prof. dr. V. (Victor) Guryev

    Phone:+31 (0)655538808 [at]
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