Chairi Misrielal Msc.

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  • My name is Chairi Misrielal and I am a PhD student at the section Molecular Neurobiology. The title of my project is Exploring autophagy in microglia as a therapeutic approach for multiple sclerosis (MS). The main objective is to characterize how autophagy contributes to MS pathology and to establish a therapeutic strategy for MS. My focus is to investigate this role in microglia and investigate the relevance of autophagy in their functions. With this project, I combined the expertise of microglia from the Molecular Biology section with the autophagy expertise from Molecular Cell Biology. This project is funded by GSMS PhD Scholarship Program.

    Contact information:

    Chairi Misrielal, PhD Candidate
    Department of Biomedical Sciences of Cell & Systems
    Section Molecular Neurobiology
    University of Groningen
    University Medical Center Groningen
    Antonious Deusinglaan 1
    Building 3215, 8th floor, room 861
    9713 AV Groningen
    The Netherlands

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