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Position Assistant Professor, Principal Investigator
Research fields Ultrastructural characterization of the process of autophagy
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  • Muriel C. Mari studied Biochemistry and Cell Biology at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France. In 2002, she obtained herPhD in Cell Biology and Physiology from the same Institution, in the laboratory of Dr. Yannick Lemarchand-Brustel. The research topic was the identification and characterization of new Rab4 effectors and their function in glucose transport. In 2002, she extended her studies in this area by joining as a postdoctoral fellow the laboratory of Prof. David James at the Garvan Institute in Sydney, Australia. There, sheinvestigated the membrane association of the SNARE-regulating protein Munc18c.

    In 2003 Mari joined the Department of Cell Biology at the University Medical Center Utrecht (The Netherlands) to acquire competencies in advanced electron microscopy methods. There, as a Marie-Curie postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Hans Geuze, she investigated the intracellular trafficking of lysosomal enzyme receptors in mammalian cells.

    In 2006, Mari joined  the group of Prof. Fulvio Reggiori for an additional postdoctoral experience in Utrecht and started working on the molecular mechanism of autophagy using yeast as a model system.

    In 2015,  Muriel Mari was appointed as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Cell Biology of the University Medical Center Groningen. She is currently studying autophagosome biogenesis in yeast and mammalian cells at the ultrastructural level using techniques such as high-pressure freezing/freeze substitution, electron microscopy, immuno-electron microscopy, electron tomography and correlative light and electron microscopy.

    •             Selected publications
      1. Cui Y, Parashar S, Zahoor M, Needham PG, Mari M, Zhu M, Chen S, Ho H.-C, Reggiori F, Farhan H, Brodsky JL, Ferro-Novick S, Lst1/SEC24C is required to package ER into autophagosomes for ER-phagy. 2019. Science, Vol. 365, Issue 6448, pp. 53-60.. Pdf.
      2. Mauthe M, Orhon I, Rocchi C, Zhou X, Luhr M, Hijlkema KJ, Coppes RP, Engedal N, MariM*, ReggioriF* (*, co-corresponding authors) (2018). Chloroquine inhibits autophagic flux by decreasing autophagosome-lysosome fusion. 14(8):1435-1455. pdf
      3. Gómez-Sánchez R, Rose J, Guimarães R, Mari M, Papinski D, Rieter E, Geerts WJ, Hardenberg R, Kraft C, Ungermann C, Reggiori F (2018). Atg9 establishes Atg2-dependent contact sites between the endoplasmic reticulum and phagophores. J Cell Biol. Aug 6;217(8):2743-2763.  pdf
      4. Eisenberg-Bord M, Mari M, Weill U, Rosenfeld-Gur E, Moldavski O, Castro IG, Soni KG, Harpaz N, Levine TP, Futerman AH, Reggiori F, Bankaitis VA, Schuldiner M, Bohnert M. (2018). Identification of seipin-linked factors that act as determinants of a lipid droplet subpopulation. J Cell Biol. Jan 2;217(1):269-282. pdf
      5. Zhou X, Cong Y, Veenendaal T, Klumperman J, Shi D, Mari M*, Reggiori F* (*, co-corresponding authors) (2017). Ultrastructural characterization of membrane rearrangements induced by porcine epidemic diarrhea virus infection. Sep 5;9(9). pdf
      6. Lassen KG, McKenzie CI, Mari M, Murano T, Begun J, Baxt LA, Goel G, Villablanca EJ, Kuo S.-Y., Huang H, Macia L, Bhan A, Batten M, Daly MJ, Reggiori F, Mackay CR, Xavier RK (2016). Genetic coding variant in GPR65 alters lysosomal pH and links lysosomal dysfunction with colitis risk.  Jun 21;44(6):1392-405.  pdf
      7. Khaminets A, Heinrich T, Mari M, Grumati P, Huebner AK, Akutsu M, Liebmann L, Stolz A, Nietzsche S, Koch N, Mauthe M, Katon I, Qualmann B, Weis J, Reggiori F, Kurth I, Hübner CA, Dikic I (2015). Regulation of endoplasmic reticulum homeostasis by FAM134B-mediated selective autophagy. Nature, 522, 354-358. pdf
      8. Mari M, Geerts WJ, Reggiori F (2014). Immuno- and correlative light microscopy-electron tomography methods for 3D protein localization in yeast. Traffic, 15, 1164-78.  pdf
      9. Mari M, Griffith J, Reggiori F (2014). Nanogold labeling of the yeast endosomal system for ultrastructural analyses. J Vis Exp. pdf
      10. Hönscher C, Mari M, Auffarth K, Bohnert M, Griffith J, Geerts W, van der Laan M, Cabrera M, Reggiori F, Ungermann C (2014), Cellular metabolism regulates contact sites of vacuoles with mitochondria. Dev Cell, 30, 86-94.  pdf
      11. Nair U, Mari M, Baba M, Yen WL, Xie Z, Cao Y, Reggiori F, Klionsky DJ (2012). A role for Atg8-PE deconjugation in autophagosome biogenesis Autophagy, 8, 780-93.  pdf
      12. Mari M, Griffith J, Rieter E, Krishnappa L, Klionsky DJ, Reggiori F (2010). An Atg9-containing compartment that functions in the early steps of autophagosome biogenesis. J Cell Biol, 190, 1005-1022. pdf
      13. Griffith J, Mari M, De Mazière A, Reggiori F (2008). A cryosectioning procedure for the ultrastructural analysis and the immunogold labelling of yeast S. Cerevisiae. Traffic, 9, 1060-1072.
      14. Mari M, Reggiori F (2007). Review/opinion: Shaping membranes into autophagosomes. Nat Cell Biol, 10, 1125-7. pdf
      15. Mari M, Bujny MV, Zeuschner D, Geerts WJ, Griffith J, Petersen CM, Cullen PJ, Klumperman J, Geuze HJ (2008). SNX1 defines an early endosomal recycling exit for sortilin and mannose 6-phosphate receptors. Traffic, 3, 380-93.  pdf
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