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Laman group

The group has a longstanding research line on multiple sclerosis (MS) and its animal models (EAE) in rodents and non-human primates. Jon Laman is an immunologist working on chronic brain inflammation in ageing and in age-related disease of the central nervous system (CNS). In collaboration, we contribute to research lines assessing how immune responses affect cognitive and psychiatric disease, such as delirium. We study a selection of interrelated topics:

  • Roles of costimulatory/coinhibitory receptors such as CD40 and VISTA, notably on microglia, in MS progression and remyelination
  • Contribution of infectious pathogens and gut microbiota in MS progression and remyelination
  • Stress granules in microglia related to MS lesion activity and repair.

The group integrates work with colleagues in the Dept. Neuroscience, including Erik Boddeke, Bart Eggen, Iris Sommer, Andre Aleman, Branislava Curcic-Blake, and Bert ‘t Hart (also at the Biomedical Primate Research Center BPRC). At UMCG, we work with Prof. Sophia de Rooij on delirium in the elderly, and with Prof. Kathrin Thedieck on stress granules.

For infectious pathogens and gut microbiota, we collaborate with the LifeLines cohort study, the Dept. Genetics (Dr. Sasha Zhernakova, Prof. Cisca Wijmenga), and the Dept. Microbiology (Dr. Hermie Harmsen, Prof. Alex Friedrich).

Our MS research is integral part of the MS Center Noord Nederland (MSCNN), with MS neurologists Dr. Thea Heersema and Dr. Jan Meilof, and Dr. Wia Baron of the Dept. Cell Biology.

The group welcomes motivated students at different levels and different programs, clinicians in training, and PhD students. The high level of teaching and training we provide is evidenced by the subsequent career steps of our alumni in research, the clinic, and industry positions.

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  • Jon Laman PhD Visit

    Professor of Immune Physiology

    Research fields

    Microglia, Immune Physiology, epigenetics, multiple sclerose, central nervous system

    PhD students
    Malte Borggrewe MSc
    • All Publications: mepa page or  pdf Selected Publications:
      1. Powell JJ, Thomas-McKay E, Thoree V, Robertson J, Hewitt RE, Skepper JN, Brown A, Hernandez-Garrido JC, Midgley PA, Gomez-Morilla I, Grime GW, Kirkby KJ, Mabbott NA, Donaldson DS, Williams IR, Rios D, Girardin SE, Haas CT, Bruggraber SF, Laman JD, Tanriver Y, Lombardi G, Lechler R, Thompson RP, Pele LC. (2015) An endogenous nanomineral chaperones luminal antigen and peptidoglycan to intestinal immune cells. Nat Nanotechnol.
      2. van Luijn MM, Kreft KL, Jongsma ML, Mes SW, Wierenga-Wolf AF, van Meurs M, Melief MJ, der Kant RV, Janssen L, Janssen H, Tan R, Priatel JJ, Neefjes J, Laman JD, Hintzen RQ. (2015) Multiple sclerosis-associated CLEC16A controls HLA class II expression via late endosome biogenesis. Brain.
      3. Stern JN, Yaari G, Vander Heiden JA, Church G, Donahue WF, Hintzen RQ, Huttner AJ, Laman JD, Nagra RM, Nylander A, Pitt D, Ramanan S, Siddiqui BA, Vigneault F, Kleinstein SH, Hafler DA, O'Connor KC. (2014) B cells populating the multiple sclerosis brain mature in the draining cervical lymph nodes. Sci Transl Med.
      4. Jagessar SA, Kap YS, Heijmans N, van Driel N, van Straalen L, Bajramovic JJ, Brok HP, Blezer EL, Bauer J, Laman JD, 't Hart BA. (2010) Induction of progressive demyelinating autoimmune encephalomyelitis in common marmoset monkeys using MOG34-56 peptide in incomplete freund adjuvant. J Neuropathol Exp Neurol.
      5. van der Fits L, Mourits S, Voerman JS, Kant M, Boon L, Laman JD, Cornelissen F, Mus AM, Florencia E, Prens EP, Lubberts E. (2009) Imiquimod-induced psoriasis-like skin inflammation in mice is mediated via the IL-23/IL-17 axis. J Immunol.
      6. 't Hart BA, Hintzen RQ, Laman JD. (2009) Multiple sclerosis - a response-to-damage model. Trends Mol Med.
      7. van Zwam M, Huizinga R, Heijmans N, van Meurs M, Wierenga-Wolf AF, Melief MJ, Hintzen RQ, 't Hart BA, Amor S, Boven LA, Laman JD. (2009) Surgical excision of CNS-draining lymph nodes reduces relapse severity in chronic-relapsing experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. J Pathol.
      8. Visser L, Melief MJ, van Riel D, van Meurs M, Sick EA, Inamura S, Bajramovic JJ, Amor S, Hintzen RQ, Boven LA, 't Hart BA, Laman JD. (2006) Phagocytes containing a disease-promoting Toll-like receptor/Nod ligand are present in the brain during demyelinating disease in primates. Am J Pathol.
      9. 't Hart BA, Laman JD, Bauer J, Blezer E, van Kooyk Y, Hintzen RQ. (2004) Modelling of multiple sclerosis: lessons learned in a non-human primate. Lancet Neurol.
      10. Ang CW, Jacobs BC, Laman JD. (2004) The Guillain-Barré syndrome: a true case of molecular mimicry. Trends Immunol.
  • Former laboratory members who have established independent groups and obtained an associate or full professorships:
    Björn E. Clausen (Mainz),
    Rudi W. Hendriks,
    Bart C. Jacobs and
    Erik Lubberts (Rotterdam)

    Former postdoctoral investigators (in reverse chronological order): Marvin van Luijn,
    Evert Verbraak and
    Leonie A. Boven

    Former PhD students (in reverse chronological order):
    Mathilde Girard-Madoux,
    Karim K. Kreft,
    S. Anwar Jagessar,
    Rinze Neuteboom,
    Hessel van der Zee,
    Yolanda S. Kap,
    Fleur E. van der Geijn,
    Emöke Ràcz,
    Maarten G. Wolf,
    Marloes van Zwam,
    Ruth G. Huizinga,
    Marieke Emonts,
    Manon Oude Nijhuis,
    Carin P.W. Geleijns,
    Lizette Visser,
    Arjen R. Companjen,
    C. Wim Ang,
    Ingrid A. Schrijver and
    Catharina B.M. Maasssen

    Current career tracks of alumni: medical specialization (rheumatology, dermatology, medical microbiology, neurology, paediatric infectiology), laboratory specialization (clinical chemistry), pharmaceutical and biotech industry (research or management, Crucell, Merck Serono) and national (postdoc positions, associate and full professorships) and international academic research positions (full professorship, postdoc positions)

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