Thesis defence Thais de Almeida Galatro

30 May 2017

On 26 April 2017 Thais de Almeida Galatro defended her thesis Players in glioma progression: Genomic exploration of glioma cell compartments in front of a committee of established researchers and was awarded with the doctor’s title.

In this thesis Thais de Almeida Galatro presents the latest results in analysis and tools for genomic exploration in glioma cell compartments, particularly tumor and immune cells.

We explored the current genetic approaches for glioma studies, and demonstrated the relevant role of molecular profiling. We had also expanded our study to the innate immune compartment, first analyzing a pure population of non-neoplastic cohort of microglia and further comparing them to glioma-derived cells. Our data sheds new light on the transcriptome changes that human microglia undergoes upon both aging and glioma stimuli towards tumor progression. These findings will guide the next step studies to further deepen the knowledge on this domain.

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