Symposium on the 15th Anniversary of the Neuroimaging Center Groningen

In 2003, the Neuroimaging Center opened its doors to the BCN research community. To celebrate its 15th anniversary, the NIC is organizing a symposium in collaboration with BCN on Wednesday 26 September 2018 at the DOT.

Save the date to eat cake and enjoy a number of lectures from internationally renowned scientists!

Disassembly Philips scanner

Lifting the scanner out of the basement

The old scanner is removed from the building

The scanner is ready for transport to a new destination

Control room new Siemens scanner

Siemens scanner in action

Photo caption: Fifteen years ago, the Philips 3 Tesla MRI machine was installed at the Neuroimaging Center. Last year it was replaced by a brand new one by Siemens, located in the UMCG. The old one was dismantled last month.

Photos by Sander Martens and Michel Meijer

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